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BIRM Sport 90 capsules

BIRM + Cacao for athletes. It helps you to have a better performance and muscle recovery, during and after exercise


BIRM SPORT Capsules is a product that combines the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cocoa with the integral protection of BIRM. It facilitates the metabolization of lactic acid by balancing liver function and helps oxygen exchange at the cellular level, thus minimizing fatigue, cramps, muscle fatigue, muscle pain and cardiorespiratory problems caused mainly by high performance training. 


BIRM SPORT provides increased energy and muscle vitality which translates into optimal performance and recovery during and after exercise. BIRM Sport, a 100% NATURAL product with no side effects. It contains no sugar and is a powerful antioxidant.


BIRM SPORT maintains the base of its patented BIRM formula in a more concentrated form, with Dulcamara extract, a plant that is native to the Amazon of Ecuador, this allows that, in addition to the benefit in sport, the immune system of athletes is kept in balance, protecting them from diseases.


The power of Cocoa: BIRM SPORT formula contains cocoa, an extremely energetic food thanks to its high content of carbohydrates and antioxidants which, as a supplement rich in fiber and minerals (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc), helps the performance of every athlete, making possible an effective action of the immune system and the development of an antioxidant activity with energetic contribution.


BIRM SPORT ensures greater performance during exercise by providing greater energy and muscle vitality that translates into optimal performance and recovery during and after training or competition.


Dosage for athletes: for training, 1 capsule should be taken during breakfast and 1 capsule before and after training.  


Other features and benefits offered by BIRM Sport:


- The only one with a patented formula in the USA.

- Shorter recovery time after training.

- Improved performance during training.

- It can help in the maintenance of general health. 

- Supports brain function, visual acuity and heart health.

- Product allowed for training and high-performance sports.


If you are a regular exerciser, now you can improve performance and recovery during and after your workouts, add BIRM SPORT to your shopping cart TODAY!