BIRM Concentrate 90 Capsules, FREE SHAMPOO VIVA 200ml

BIRM with a more concentrated formula. Adjuvant in chronic, autoimmune and/or degenerative diseases.


BIRM Concentrate Capsules is a powerful adjuvant that can enhance the treatment of chronic, autoimmune and/or catastrophic diseases and alleviate symptoms caused by side effects of toxic treatments, improving the quality of life of patients. 


Indicated for compromised immune systems: BIRM Concentrate contains a concentrated dose of our patented Dulcamara extract, BIRM. Dulcamara root is used in traditional homeopathy for immune support.


BIRM Concentrate is a 100% NATURAL product with no side effects. It contains no sugar, is a powerful antioxidant and therefore a rejuvenator.


Same, more potent formula: our BIRM Concentrate capsules are made with the same formula as the iconic BIRM liquid supplement - enjoy the same positive health benefits of these capsules!


Non-toxic contribution to your health: BIRM has no known product interactions or side effects. 


The result of decades of study: the health properties of BIRM are backed by studies and more than 40 years of research by Dr. Edwin Cevallos Arellano. BIRM Immunomodulators are manufactured in Ecuador and patented in the USA.


Prioritize your health today: give your body the best care by strengthening your immunity with our concentrated BIRM capsules with antioxidants, excellent for people who want to help their bodies overcome chronic health problems.


Other features and benefits offered by BIRM Concentrate:


- The only one with a patented formula in the USA

- May help alleviate symptoms of chronic health problems

- Can help improve the quality of life of patients undergoing toxic treatment 

- Specific dosage for each type of condition


Help people with compromised immune systems alleviate the toxic symptoms of their treatments and greatly improve their quality of life by adding BIRM Concentrate Capsules to your shopping cart TODAY!